18%+ in sales... INSTANTLY.
CartX Checkout + Order Bump + Upsells = ūüíįūüíį

  • 1-Page Checkout: fewer steps, fewer abandonments, more sales
  • Order Bump: offer a complementary offer inside checkout
  • Upsell/Downsell: increase your AOV with post-purchase upsells
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Easy to use checkout editor. Made for anyone.

Make your checkout look the way you want it.

With our editor you can easily personalize you checkout any way you like. Simply add/remove sections, edit colors to match your branding and add scripts to power your sales.

Real-time preview.

Forget about making changes on a ugly looking screen and having to switch to see your changes. Our real-time preview will show exactly how your checkout is looking.

The one-page checkout that actually works.

International sales with a multi-currency checkout‚Äč

We will automatically detect the customer's IP location, display and process the payment based on their current country. This is an absolutely must if you are processing international sales.

Truly smart discounts

Convert more visitors by creating personalized automatic discounts. On CartX you can also offer discounts through a pop-up on checkout for visitors that are about to drop in the middle of the purchase. The discount will be automatically applied on checkout without reloading the page.

Address Auto-Fill for faster checkout

Reducing the time your customers take to fill out forms will make the checkout abandonment rate lower, causing an increase in sales.

Segmented reviews for each product

Segmentation is a powerful thing that will make your customers relate to your brand. If your visitor is purchasing a Facial Serum, you can display reviews for that specific product.

Use URL parameters for personalized offers

Maybe you are using landing pages and would like some segmentation? We provide a handful of parameters so you can directly link your customers to checkout.

One Click Post Purchase Upsell to boost your AOV.

Upsells. Perfected.

The easiest way to increase your average order value. Use our editor and funnel builder to create personalized one-click offers post-purchase.

If you are selling to different countries, CartX is the only upsell app that will automatically take care of currency conversion on every offer.

Build an entire funnel of up to 3 upsells and downsells

Easily build an entire funnel of upsells and downsells based on what your customers are buying on checkout. 

It’s extremely simple: once your customers completes their initial purchase, they are redirected¬† to a post-purchase offer beautifully designed by you.

Your customers will then accept or reject offers and go through your funnel until they reach the thank you page.

Edit each upsell and downsell

Our funnel builder is really powerful and it will allow you to have an unique page for each offer. By doing that you will have the flexibility to build contextualized pages based on how your customer is behaving.

Trigger offers based on rules set by you

Knowing when to show your offers is key to increase your post-purchase offers acceptance rate. Use our rules to determine when your customers will see your offers.

Order Bump for an easy increase in revenue.

Order Bumps never been so easy.

Use our real-time editor to create personalized order bump offers to your visitors. Order Bump is a great way to offer a low-ticket product for your visitors before they finish their checkout.

Your customers add another item by simply clicking on a checkbox.

A real-time editor so you can customize your Order Bump

Build what’s going to be the design for your Order Bump layout. This will be displayed at your checkout and you will want to match your brand’s identity.

Just like upsells, use rules to trigger offers

Showing the right offer at the right time is key to convert more. Make your own rules based on the items on the cart.

It’s time to instantly increase
your revenue by 18%+