Landing Page: Everything you need to know to convert more

The landing page can be a powerful tool for your sales strategy and has the potential to increase your sales considerably.

This happens because a good landing page is set up with all the elements aimed at conversion. Normally the page will have less content than a normal site, but with more relevant information that draws the visitor's attention. 

The main goal of a landing page (also called "land page" in Brazil) is to turn visitors into Leads or even get a sale along the page itself. So you can imagine how important this is in the marketing of your e-commerce.

In this article I will present the whole basic concept of landing page, reasons for you to create some, how you can create a high-conversion landing page and also quote some examples of good pages.

What's a Landing Page?

Translating directly from English, landing page means literal translation, but I prefer the term target page. The name is quite self-explanatory, it is a page that you will use to send traffic to it, usually through marketing campaigns via social networks or email.

The idea of a land page is to have an environment totally focused on converting your visitor to respond to the main CTA of your page, be it to make a registration, make a purchase or any other strategy you want to adopt.

You want to eliminate as many distractions as possible and keep your customer focused only on your product or service so that in the end he can perform the action you want.

Do you agree that it is much more likely that your customer will get lost and/or be undecided about what to buy in your online store than when they are on a specific landing page for a product? Yeah, that's the biggest advantage of using landing pages.

Of course I don't mean for you to give up the online shop model and work exclusively with land pages, just showing it is worth using both models simultaneously.

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Main types of Langing page

Capture form

landing page catch form

A form landing page usually has a title, a short text explaining the benefit of filling out the form, an image and/or video and then the form to be filled out.

With this type of page you are seeking to get important information about your client in order to make a retargeting campaign especially for him. This client has already shown interest in what you have to offer, therefore, the chances of you converting him are much higher.

Sales page

This is a landing page that goes straight to the point, making it a good option to show customers that you already have a certain interest in your offer. But nothing stops you from throwing cold traffic to it as well.

The best way to create a sales landing page is not simply to play technical specifications or facts, here you should work with the benefits of your product and try to arouse a strong desire in your visitor.

Show that your offer is the solution to the pain your customer has, make clear everything that he can gain by purchasing your product.

I consider it indispensable to have a section where you present all the benefits of the product/service, so the visitor will see the true value of what you are offering.

If possible, insert a section with testimonials from customers who have already closed business and also a section with frequently asked questions. This greatly reduces friction and makes the visitor more comfortable shopping with you.

To learn how to stir the feelings of your visitors and get deeper emotional responses, check out our article on emotional triggers.

And at the bottom of the page you present the prices of your product and enter a CTA button, inviting your visitor to close the purchase by sending it to checkout.


I still see little use of the presell pages here in Brazil, but in my opinion, they are very good for climbing a product that is already doing well.

Presell means pre-sale, that is, this type of page is used to convince your visitor that he needs to purchase this product because he will make X, Y and Z for it.

And usually this is done through a story or a very well told statement along the page. 

To help you visualize better, here is a practical example: you have a product that reduces back pain, so this presell of yours can tell the story of a 55 year old man who started having such terrible pains that he could barely get out of bed, but by using this product he slowly recovered all his mood and now has a normal life again.

The difference is that you would only present the product at the bottom of the page so it doesn't seem too obvious. The first objective is to create a link with the visitor and make them feel connected to the story you are telling.

At presell you don't send the customer directly to the checkout page, but to a sales landing page. As you have already done the work of "pre-selling" this product, the landing sales page will fill your visitor's eyes even more.

Why have a landing page on the site?

why have a landing page?

Using landing pages on your site or marketing strategy makes you more specific offers to the right audience, increasing the conversion rate.

In addition, pages with capture forms are extremely valuable for generating new leads. These leads can turn into new sales or even serve you to create personalized or similar audiences in your Facebook or Google ad campaigns.

And finally, I know that this is a very subjective point, but I believe that the landing pages give more property to your site and/or product. Having a well elaborated page makes people have a better perception of your business. If you make an effort to create something beautiful, people will notice it and have more confidence in your store.

What should you have on a landing page?

The content of a landing page varies according to the type of page you are creating. But in general there are some elements that are almost essential on any page.

Title and subtitle

This is where you will get - or not - your visitor's attention. You may be absolutely the best copy in the world at describing the offer, but if your title and subtitle are weak your conversion rate will probably be very bad.

The fact is that most people just read the page header and leave the page. According to this article, only 3 out of 10 people read a whole news item, we can say the same will apply to their landing pages.

If you don't get the visitor in these first two sections, your offer is gone. You need to make it clear in the title and subtitle what you are about to offer.

Images and videos

High quality images give the impression that you really have a quality offer. And when I say quality I don't just mean resolution or being a professional photo, sometimes it makes more sense to have a good amateur photo in a testimonial section, for example.

Through the images and videos it is possible to give a good visual identity to your landing page and complement the forces of copywriting. 

Not to mention that visual elements are much more pleasing to the eye than a large wall of text, that's when we realize that the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" really makes sense.

Just be careful not to load your page with heavy images or videos, this will surely compromise the loading speed and astonish visitors. Remember that most hits today come from mobile devices and the mobile internet in Brazil can be terrible in many places.

CTA - Call to action

I don't think a landing page without a CTA can even be called a landing page. A good CTA is absolutely indispensable.

Another English term, CTA means call to action. These are buttons or texts that call a person to do such a thing, usually buy or register.

Most of the time you will use imperative phrases to convey a clear and direct message to the point. For example:

  • Buy Now
  • Guarantee your
  • Join the waiting list
  • Get the discount coupon

You don't have to stick to the sentences in the imperative, you can also use: "Buy", "Register", "Yes, I want to guarantee my product" and so on. Let your imagination run wild.

Copywriting - description of the offer

The size of your description will depend on the type of page you will create, but anyway, this is another element that cannot be missing from your landing page.

This is where you will show why a person should purchase your product or service and what the greatest benefits are in doing so.

A bad copy can end your page and tarnish your reputation with the visitor, so take great care when preparing the description. A safe bet is to be very objective and straightforward in what you want to go through.


You wouldn't be looking to create a landing page if you didn't have something to offer, would you? It can be a free e-book, a course, the product you're selling or even an exclusive discount coupon for those who fill out the form, this varies according to your strategy.

But the point is: just as there is no landing page without a CTA, there is no way to have an LP without an offer.

Your customer needs to realize that there is some value in buying the product or filling out the form. You can't just say "Here's the form, fill in your details because I'm asking".

Step by step to create a landing page that converts

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth an entire encyclopedia. Check out this video lesson below offered by Framr's team teaching you how to build a high-converting land page whole from scratch.

The video is relatively long, but I assure you it's worth a lot. By the end of this video you will have learned how to assemble a full page using Framr.
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2 examples of landing page that really convert

Now I want to show some examples of landing pages that convert well that we did here on CartX. I'll analyze their main points and try to show you what you should look for in your own landing pages.

Framr home page

how to use Framr

If you don't know it yet, Framr is the landing page builder created by the CartX team itself, with this tool you can create your own landing pages easily and quickly without losing anything on the visual side.

In this page we focus a lot on using images as the biggest visual and informational resource of the page, the text serves more as a complement of the images, as you can see in the section below.

landing page that convert model

In addition, we have also inserted the traditional quick benefits section, showing the main positive points of using Framr.

landing page that convert to e-commerce

Jumping a bit and going straight to the point, we have the CTA; which invites you to sign up for Framr so you can set up your own landing pages.

landing page that convert how to

You can also check the full page on your own if you prefer.

CartX Transparent Checkout 

The landing page announcing the transparent checkout of CartX for Shopify stores follows a very similar structure, but has a little more text to better explain the technical details. 

This time we have a more eye-catching header with a short video showing what the CartX solution can do in practice, plus a short text description and a CTA right at the top of the page.

Putting the CTA at the beginning may be interesting if the visitor already knows a little about your solution, this offers the possibility to go straight to the point.

transparent checkout cartx

We will now show you how the offer is described, in this case our transparent checkout service.

landing page that convert to transparent checkout cartx

Understand that we never go too deep into a single subject, this is crucial to keep the reader engaged without boring him, but that does not mean you should omit information. You need to achieve the middle ground between objectivity and extensiveness in the text.

And finally, we have CTA inviting the visitor to meet and install our transparent checkout in your online store, consolidating the conversion.

landing page that convert more

See the Shopify transparent checkout page in full to better understand how we created this landing page.


After reading this article in full you should already have a nice notion of what makes a landing page attractive and what makes it convert more. And you've also learned the importance of adding this feature to your marketing strategy.

I also mentioned some elements that can't be missing in any landing page, like header, images and videos, offer and a good CTA.

We also show you how you can create a high-conversion land page from scratch using the Framr landing page builder, which was created by the CartX team.

And to finish, I showed two examples of pages that convert well and explained what we did on each page and why.

I hope you enjoyed that article. If you want to build a landing page, don't forget to add your own domain to pass more authority on the page. If you still don't know how to do it, follow our complete domain registration guide.


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