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Join our affiliate community.

Help users get started on CartX and make profit off of their plans and/or sales. It’s extremely simple!

Agressive comissions

Our commissions are based on our plans. Check the details below.

- Monthly fees:
You get paid the equivalent amount to one and a half months of the chosen plan. So if one of your referrals chose the $79 plan, you'll receive $118.50 immediately.

- For plans without monthly fees:
You receive 1.25% of the amount the user sells with us for 4 months counting from the store's creation date.

Use your voice & and take advantage of our massive system to generate passive income and at the same time help develop the e-commerce community.

Countless integrations and possibilities

By becoming a CartX Partners you get a lot of benefits. CartX is an e-commerce platform with its own system. These are the ways your referrals can use CartX:

- CartX Online Shop
- Shopify Checkout
- WooCommerce Checkout
- Landing Page

Why you should become a Partner

➡️ Platform constantly evolving, which leads to happy customers

➡️ Flexibility for your customers, use our platform, checkout, landing page app and much more to your advantage

➡️ Large e-commerce knowledge base for beginners and experienced alike

➡️ We are able to help everyone through our live chat + email

➡️ Attractive and fair commissions for all plans

Let's grow together!

What we like to see most is when someone that started their online store from scratch makes their first sale.

It's an amazing and indescribable feeling. But how about we all get something?

What we really want is for influencers and agencies to be able to use their skills to help shopkeepers, beginners or not, so everyone wins.

That makes us really happy!

Let's grow together!

It's time for you to become a CartX Partner. It's simple and quick.

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